Evolve into Autumn

The weather is not the only thing changing this Autumn, as always, we welcome new trends and inspiration to our day-to-today lives helping us recover from the post-summer blues. Out with the old, in with the new. Hello jewellery personalisation and farewell choker necklaces. Tateossian is here to help transition our wardrobes with current trending pieces that will bring you into the season smiling. 


As we brace for Autumn, we may crave summer yet we are delighted to dive into a new season of trends. We have saved you the time and energy. Whilst every season has its jewellery trends, let's discuss maximalism, charms, personalisation and pearls?



A Little too much is just enough for me!

 Autumn is upon us, yet we say that layering is no longer exclusive to your jumpers. We understand the importance of layering jewellery, but it doesn’t have to be a battle of the bundle when deciphering how to layer bracelets or necklaces. At Tateossian we have curated the perfect style guide, enabling you to create flawless looks.


Prepare to take your accessories to the next level as we will be hosting bracelet-styling guide events throughout our select London Boutiques on 6 October 2022. Now is the time to get the attention you deserve, pick up some tips or amass your collection.



You’ve got to think lucky

Whilst maximalism holds many exciting elements to dressing, another trend which clasps just as much zest yet on the more understated side is charms. These intricate and intimate accessories hold the power of representing milestones in your life. Whether you want to signify the initials of someone special or be patriotic to where you come from - they do the job in style. 


Be the mastermind behind your embellishments and take charge of what you want and why you want it. You have the choice between four charm-bearing vessels (an adjustable cord necklace, a black leather bracelet, a black IP plated stainless steel pin and black IP plated cufflinks), the charms include initials and an evil eye charm


If you are more indecisive and go through shifts in your infatuations then the Lucky Me collection solves your accessory obstacle. The collection incorporates interchangeable pendants that can be worn on cord bracelets, rhodium-plated silver cufflinks, a chain necklace or a keyring. The choice of charms vary from initials to symbols such as flags, lucky charms and more. 



To me, the future is personalisation.

Personalised jewellery continues to thrive due to the continued spotlight placed on it throughout the year. However, the timeless combination of designer jewellery and sentimentality never ceases to be in style and can be effortlessly worn year-round.


Integrate this trend into your signature look with our personalised cufflinks range and engravable products.  


Not sold on the idea? Our engravable collection offers unisex bracelets in an abundance of styles that can be inscribed with whatever your heart desires. This season be daring by blending together layering and personalised pieces.



The pearl is the queen of gems and the gem of queens


This autumn men and women shall don pearls. Pearls have proven that they are here to stay, after making their comeback earlier this year.  This trend has seen a meteoric rise and has outlived their fellow competitors. Pearl core was inspired by the jewellery of bathers on Ipanema beach in Rio de Janeiro and features freshwater pearls with a cross or if you prefer, a petite fleur-de-lis icon.


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